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Money is one of the most powerful internal motivations that every person on this planet has innate in him.
Money represent: the social status, prosperity, security, safety tomorrow, everything about our place in society, the comfort of the day and our lifestyle.

I want to make you understand that right now you are probably wasting yourself.
The age and experience are no more obstacles in the way of our prosperity on this planet. The biggest impediment in the way of prosperity is actually, our lack of education. And when I say-lack of education, I don't say that you haven't been to a fancy school or you don't like to read, but I say that in this financially field, you are uneducated.

When you want to make money more than you do now, first thing would be good to do is to find a good model for you. Watch someone you like the way he is making money. It would be advisable to find someone or even more, that you admire and like the way they make money. Tell yourself: ''Okay, I would like to make my money like that!''.
And step two, very, very important- don't look at those people what they do now, when they already have money and success, look what they did at first, because you are a beginner right now. You are a beginner, you are at zero, you are probably one person. Do not look at a company, which has 50-100 employees, do not look at  Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, because they have a huge success. Look at what Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberk were doing when they were alone at first, working in a garage or home, or even with two fellow students. That's what you have to look at, if you are in the beginning!

The big mistake that most beginners make, is to look at Steve Jobs-10 rules to succeed in business, because he wrote those rules when already had 300 million dollars. That was the time and moment when he got those conclusions. It's fine to see them and understand them with his long experience, but you have to realize that you can not apply them, because you don't understand them experimentally. You have never experienced those things and have to live on your turn. And then you look at your models when they didn't have anything.

You've probably heard of Robert Kiyosaki right? I recommend you to read his books. It's very, very good to start your financial education. If you invest 3 to 6 months of your time to read certain books and materials in this field, you could triple your income that you have today, I guarantee. If you do the right thing, leaving aside what not, I'm sure you can change your financial life in a very short time.

So, Robert Kiyosaki says that there are 4 quadrants of money:

  • First quadrant is- the employee.
  • The second quadrant is- the freelancer.
  • The third quadrant is- the entrepreneur.
  • The fourth quadrant is- the investor.
I'll briefly explain you what it means to be hired. That means to sell your time for money, you are committed to a company and you have a boss or even more. So, you sell your time and partially-your skills, but basically you sell your time, you get paid per hour with a very, very small amount of money. I'm telling you this, no matter what salary you have, it is very small. Any employee in this world right now is wasting his time and life, energy or even health. He is giving his talent and skills for a bargain. They sell those hours of life instead to sell the results.The experts are selling their results not their time.

Self-employed is a wonderful step- you are a doctor, lawyer, psychologist, etc. Here you control your time and you decide how much to work, and that's why you call yourself a freelancer and is wonderful. This is better than to be employed. You have more or less control over your life and on your lifestyle. But here's a small problem too, as a freelancer you are again limited. If you get sick, you can't make money. If you do not work, you do not make money. And all of us, we know that we can not work continuously and then we don't make money, and then we are in trouble if we don't have some savings. Things can happen and as a freelancer you're limited to a certain number of people with whom you can work, for example as a dentist within 24 hours you can just get a number of people and you never going to be able to prosper financially and make as much money you want.

For that, we have quadrant 3, which is the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur can be self-employed, but found solutions to automate  what he is doing and to scale it. To scale means that you can change   your business figure. I mean if you're a dentist and you have a certain number of clients per day, and if you still had two partners to give them 5 of your clients for a commission, let's say, then you've scaled your business. In that moment you don't work, they work and you make money automatically.
Entrepreneur can be anyone of us and many people get scared and say-''wow business'', ''wow entrepreneur'', ''business is not for me, I don't have talent for it!''.

The fourth quadrant is- investor. After making a lot of money as a freelancer or entrepreneur, invest your money. For example, you give your money to an entrepreneur for a certain percentage and that's it-money work for you!

Now, I want you to think where you find yourself and where you want to reach, and if you don't have anything, you have to think how to become an employee or self-employed. If you are employed or self-employed how do you become an entrepreneur? And if you are an entrepreneur how to become an investor, to make enough money to have a lifestyle exactly how you want it? After all why you work? What for we make so much money? We make them, so we could live the life according to our values.

For example, I value the freedom, do not depend on anyone ever, doing what I love in life. If today I feel like going to Paris to drink a coffee with a croissant and come back in the same day, then I'll do that without giving explanations to anyone.
That's what makes me wake up in the morning and make money. Others do it to support their family or to sleep quiet in the night, thinking that tomorrow he has money.
Think what your values are and what lifestyle you want to have, and then how do you go from one level to another.

Now, I want to tell you three major steps, which you can quickly implement:

1. Discover your talent and passion, what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. It is very important to love what you do. Your passion will drive you and will help you get through all the hardships of life. If there is no passion, when hardships come, you'll surrender!

2. It's time to develop your passion and become an expert. And again, people freak out and say: ''Oh, but I'm not an expert!''. Believe me, when you know one topic well, you should not become a world expert. For one near you, you are an expert. If for example you have a garden and grow in it tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables and comes one, who has no idea how to grow vegetables, then you are an expert for him.
It's good to develop these skills and become experts. Why? Because people are willing to pay experts.

3. Value the skills and expertise that you've developed them. How do you do that? Exchange! People will pay for the problems they have in life, whether it is health, love, money, or lifestyle. We all have problems and all buying few things: services or products. We all do! It is important for you to combine your passion and talent with skills that you develop them, and then know how to capitalize and start living from this.

To become an entrepreneur in the field in which you are passionate, begin with:

1. Attitude and mentality. It is very important to develop your attitude and mentality in the financial field. Many people get scared and say: ''I don't want to be a freelancer or entrepreneur!''. That's your attitude and mentality!
You were taught wrong by parents, society, teachers, that is important to have a job and is better to be employed. That's the dumbest thing, because you are wasting as employee, selling your time, when we all have a talent in us, why not make money with the results you can give to the world? It's very important to believe in yourself! Believe that you can have a great lifestyle and you can make as much money you want, doing what you love everyday and being extremely good at what you love to do everyday. There is no limit to how much money you can make. The limit is on your hard work, for how good you are, your expertise, by how well you develop yourself, how fast can be your evolution, but the power is in you and this is great! But as an employee, you have no power, you can be fired at any time, the business may fail at any time, and you can't take decisions. 
We as human beings are not made to be slaves, to be employed! We are meant to explore and capitalize our full human potential.

2. Choose the right niche. What is niche? Niche can be a domain, a product that you choose and in that field you have to become an expert. Find a service or product that you can offer and people are willing to pay for it.
Depending on the area that you've chosen, and your expertise, there are products that you can provide- tangible products, electronic products, products of all kinds, in which you are expert.

3. Marketing. Many people misunderstand marketing. They think it's something separated from the rest of life or a discipline where you have to specialize. But, believe me, we all do marketing. When you open your mouth and talk to a friend of yours, you do marketing. You sell an idea, trying to convince a person about something. But if you are not educated in marketing, you make stupid marketing. 
You sell yourself everyday. In seduction or love, you're selling yourself, talking about yourself and showing your bright side, and trying to show that you are a quality person, for other to want you as a partner, for example.
When you go to an interview and talk about you, you sell yourself! When you go to a customer and you are saying that you are entrepreneur, you are selling your product.

Everyday, we do marketing. It is an illusion to think that marketing has nothing to do with you. Believe me, when you open your mouth  and through your actions, you do marketing. And if you don't know what you are doing, you probably do bad. That's why, regardless of any area of life, it is very important to know marketing.

4. Learn to focus. We live in a world, where everything is a distraction. You are bombarded with information of all kinds, it's a total madness! We don't know what to do, what to read, where to go, where to develop our skills.
It is important to remove everything that distracts your attention and at least a few hours everyday do what brick by brick, build something, because after six months, one year or five years to see the fruits of your work, to see that you built something.

5. Right actions. A lot of things that you consider important and urgent, are not really important and urgent. You can leave them aside, and nothing happens and no one dies. It is important to understand that productive assets that will help you make money in the end. Making money, you release your time and life, so you could enjoy more of life, travel, family, comfort. Therefore you must understand what are those actions made daily, which will take you fast to success.

6. Right people, entourage. It is extremely important to surround yourself with people that support you, and you support them along the way. You have to make a team and manage to gather the people  to the right place to be and you prosper and they.

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