Thursday, January 3, 2013

Before making real money without being employed, find your vocation, passion and talent

Each of us dreams of becoming financially independent, and for that is important to get rid of your current job and to start making real money!

I don't like the idea of having a boring job, a crazy boss and to work every day 8 hours or even more, doing the same thing every single day, and by the end of the month to get a small salary, not even enough for surviving.
I know it's hard to quit a job with a stable income, which offers you security. But this security is just a mirage! Believe me, is not sure!

Today, you have the chance to change your lifestyle into one that maybe you are dreaming now.
We enter into an economy where the rules from now 3-5-10-50 years does not apply anymore. Only the universal principles of success and prosperity remain the same, and...that's it. The new economy online, soon will become the first one.

I'm the kind of person, who likes to sleep in the morning, wake up whenever I want with the joy that the day is totally mine, do whatever I like and make enough money from my passions that can let me grow quickly in all areas.
Today, you will find some of my story and those like me, who found passion and make money from it not only to never work for a boss, but to build a business empire online.

Let's start?

Internet is already full of ''make money online''. 95% of them, are waste of time. To click on all sorts of things, to fill up some forms, completing surveys are things wasting your time and stoping you from doing real things that work and could change your financial life.

Your goal is not to make 100 euros on the internet. Your goal is to have steady income doing what you are passionate about and to have a new lifestyle where you have time for you, family and loved ones, your hobbies, and especially to have money to maintain your new lifestyle.

The first step starts with one thing you should learn as early as the first years of school, but the social program with parents, teachers, education system and the media do not want successful people, financially free and have a nice lifestyle. Because these people will never accept to be obedient slaves to work long hours for little money and sell his soul for nothing.

What you hear in school is that you can not make money from what you love and you need a job and then in the remaining time you can do what you like.
That's the biggest lie that can be removed instantly! Which people you admire from celebrities to ordinary people who are successful and you can find them on the internet?
Are exactly the people, most passionate, people who have discovered the talent and vocation and live it fully. The richest men in the world are people who do everything with passion.

In the old education you were taught to obey authority so you can execute orders in the factory or office.
The new education will teach you that your inner fire, your passion, is the greatest treasure you have available and your new lifestyle starts with this.

The mentality and our attitude was mocked and poisoned by the old models, but the old models are no longer successful. Don't listen to people with lack of results that put rubbish in your head.

You were born with a combination of personality traits that make you a unique person. You've got not one, but many talents. Discover them! Then train yourself and transform your talents in abilities. Become very good in that area that you are passionate about. Become and expert. Become the leader of a tribe that needs you and your experience and expertise.

There is one area where you could shine, to excel. Find out what it is, because it's your treasure which will bring you a lot of money without even focus on making money. Good luck!


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