Monday, February 11, 2013


Valentine's Day is the day of lovers in the Western tradition, which is celebrated on February 14. It's not celebrated on a large scale, but many people spend this day in a romantic way with the life partner or send a card to a secret love. In Slovenia a proverb says that St. Valentine brings the key of roots, so that on February 14, plans and flowers start to grow. It is also said that birds are getting married on this day.
Certainly, only recently started to be celebrated as the day of love. Day of love is traditionally on March 12, the day of St. Gregor.

Couples exchange gifts such as: chocolates, greeting cards and usually a flower bouquet. Although, on a day deemed by many people to be a fake holiday, it can seem unnecessary to spend a fortune on declarations of love, when you could show your affection every day.
So here are a few suggestions that could help you make the day special:

The card

Making your own card is far more personal and romantic. Don't be nervous if you are not naturally artistic; you can create anything from a collage to a funny Photoshop image to express your feelings. Fill it with a poem (silly or serious), a romantic quotation, or an in-joke for an even more intimate touch.

The present

A sentimental gift such as a filled photo album or handpicked collection of poetry can strike the perfect note. If you're not a sentimentalist, it doesn't mean that your only option is to be unoriginal: if your musical, compose a melody; if you are literary, write some verse; if you are tactile, give a massage. But, if you do decide to purchase a present after all, then please visit this online shop here, where you can find a wide range of beautiful gifts for your lover:

The dinner

The way to a man's heart is supposedly through his stomach, and it's not unusual for women to be seduced by a little wining and dining as well. Home cooking can be a great success, but if you are not comfortable with cooking, then you can dazzle your date with something more complex, reserving a table at a restaurant for example!
Add to this a well-presented table with a classic single rose and it would be hard to go wrong. Don't forget about candles and romantic music!

The little extras

Watch the videos below and see what Victoria's Secret Angels are advising you for Valentine's Day:

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

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