Tuesday, November 20, 2012

7 years and still missing him!

   After 7 days, it will be 7 years since I lost the person I loved the most in this world! This person meant for me protection, love, faith in tomorrow… in one word-EVERYTHING! I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have such a protector and a wonderful person beside me, walking through the hardships of life, until I lost him!  Now, I regret so many things, that I didn’t do with him! I miss him a lot!

   My father was born in 1959, on September 3rd, in Budai village, Telenesti city, Republic of Moldova and his name is Grigorii Turcan. He was the eldest child in his family and he still had 5 sisters more. Since he was a kid, he had the sense of doing business in his veins, that’s why later on; he became a good businessman in his short life! He died at the age of 46, still very young and looking good! A lot of plans remained unrealized; a lot of dreams remained unfulfilled. Nobody expected his death so early. He had a notably loyal group of friends, because he possessed an oversize personality and a very good heart. Eventually, they remained our family’s friends now and all the time I see them, I feel happy, like I see a small piece from my father. I’m always hungry to hear something from people about my father; his life is still a mystery for me!

I always admired my father for his way of dealing with people, for his seriousness in work, for being so faithful to his family and for his passion in music and fashion! He loved to dress nice and elegant all the time. His wardrobe was having more clothes than me and my mother together!

People paid attention to him, because he was tall, handsome and looking good, plus he was talking very nice to people. He knew how to talk to anybody rich or poor, smart or stupid, young or old, that’s why he got people to respect him a lot!

   My message for all of you is- Value your parents, love them and spend time with them while they are still alive! It’s hard to live with regrets and memories only. Only people who lost someone too, can understand what I mean! Peace!

Monday, November 19, 2012

I wanna be a millionaire!

    There is a very popular and a very good song by Bruno Mars feat Travis McCoy, called ''I wanna be a billionaire!''. Do you know it? Well, that's not my dream, but to be a millionaire, it is for sure!
I always knew that I've born to be rich and to be special in this life! I just feel it!

   Since my teenage years, I started reading the books of Robert Kiyosaki, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, etc., and right now I’m reading ''The Snowball''-Warren Buffett.
I loved everything what they were saying and I learned so many good things from them, but while they support the idea of long term investment, most of the people prefer short term investment!
   Honestly, I believe that the idea of long term investment was good for the past generations, not for the new generation. Why? Because we don't know how long we have to live still! I don't want to be pessimistic, I’m just realist! Don't you see what is happening in the world these days? So many tsunami, accidents, diseases, wars, etc......, where millions of people die every day! You never know, when your time comes too!
So, let's hurry up to make money and to live the life we deserve it! 

   There was a time, when I was obsessed to read the biographies of the millionaires and rich people from my country. I was staying up till late in the night, discussing with my brother in law about the rich people and how they are making the money. But few months later, fate arranged for me to live right in the ''city of millionaires''-Dubai! I even met the most reach person from my country in Dubai, by chance!
''Whatever the mind...can conceive it can achieve.''(The Secret by Rhonda Byrne)

   Although, I was living between millionaires in Dubai, I didn't become a millionaire yet, as Rober Kiyosaki was saying-''If  you want to be rich, live between rich people!''. Maybe I didn't try my best or maybe I didn't focus on getting wealth that time, being very young and doing lots of mistakes. After five years, I returned to my country and I decided to make my first million here, beside my family and the people I love! 

   A good friend of mine said to me one time-'Cris, trust me, the millions are made in poor countries, not rich ones!' This sentence made me think and remained in my mind until now.
Please, don't get me wrong! If I want to be a millionaire, doesn't mean that I’m greedy! This means that I have big dreams and important goals to achieve in life! I really love and respect the people with crazy dreams, with big goals and who want to be millionaires! Good luck with that!