Sunday, June 30, 2013


As any Christian person, I used to wear around my neck a silver cross with different colored crystals. I bought it in a silver shop in Dubai with my amazing friend Leonora Osaigbovo. We almost got into a fight for it, because she loved it too:-) But then she said ''Okay Cris, you can have it.'' And from that day, I didn't like to take it off even when I'm taking shower.

Recently I noticed that the metal blackened. I had no idea why! So, I started to look for an answer and I found few interesting things about it.

When silver comes in contact with air(oxygen) it oxidizes or turns an iridescent black.
Also, this signifies that the person's body chemistry may be changing or perhaps it's a result of reaction to the wearer taking more and more medication as they get older. Extreme heat and perspiration can cause a person acidity to rise above the threshold.Those that have lowers levels of ''acidity'' might wear jewelry and have no problems but once they have headaches and need to take tablets then their level of acidity will be taken over the threshold which causes the wearer to make the jewelry go black. 

Other reasons might be higher levels of stress, going through hormonal changes in women. Also when youngsters go through that ''acne'' stage they can cause their jewelry to go black.

Some might notice that they've been wearing jewelry all their life and all of a sudden they turn it black or dark.
Sometimes just leaving jewelry in a box for a long time turns it black.

Blackened silver is one of the hottest trends in jewelry today. But I like the silver to be shiny. And to remove the black color from my jewelry I found two great and very easy tricks:
1. Place your silver jewelry into a container( put a flat piece of aluminium foil in the bottom of it) and then cover them with bi-carb. Pour boiling water over the top of the jewelry and you'll see the black ''fizz'' out. Then rinse with cold water and dry your silver with a silver cloth. If the black hasn't gone add a little more bi-carb on your silver and do it again. The bi-carb reacts with the aluminum foil to dissolve the black tarnish on the jewelry. The boiling water assists in the process. Once it's clean rinse your jewelry thoroughly in cold water and dry with hair dryer.
2. Clean your jewelry with toothpaste, using an old toothbrush. Then rinse with cold water.

I hope this article will help you:-)

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Today is 1st of June 2013 and as we know it is Children’s Day. From the morning I thought about my sweet and cute nephew-Titus Spinu. I was so curious, what is he celebrating today- Children’s Day or his Birthday? Well, let me explain. Two days before, it was the Birthday of  his father and Titus told his mother that he wants to celebrate his Birthday next, right after his father’s Birthday. She told him that his Birthday is in July and they are going to celebrate Children’s Day very soon, but Titus didn’t agree with that. He said that he wants a party for his Birthday, with cake and gifts and clowns. He was too upset because all the children from his kindergarten already celebrated their Birthdays but he didn’t.

Titus, will turn 4 years old on 20th of July and in present he’s going to kindergarten. He lives with his parents in Chisinau, the capital of Republic of Moldova but he loves to travel a lot. But he has a problem-he doesn’t like to sleep anywhere else, apart from his bed at home.

Almost every child start saying the first word mama, but Titus, did the opposite-he said tata (from Romanian-’’father’’) at 6 moths, and then he said mama at 8 months. Now, he has a perfect diction and he’s very smart and ingenious.

His hobbies are: playing with different toys, playing games on the computer, making sport with his parents (riding bicycle, swimming, to ride the scooter, and ride the sleigh in winter at the mountain) and watching cartoons.
Looks strange to me, but at his age, Titus is very fond of fashion. He loves to wear elegant clothes, like black suit, especially with bow-tie.

Books are another passion of him. He got a big collection of children books and encyclopedias for kids.
Recently he appeared in the magazine for kids ’’Odorasul’’, where he was the groom and his colleague from the kindergarten, was the bride.

At the end I would like to mention, that Titus is a very good and lovely child, who listen his parents, who like to learn everyday something new and who is bringing joy in our family J