Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Why only some people are getting rich while others starve?
In recent years money has been devalued by 680%. There is so much money in the world that if we take out all the money from the bank and spread throughout the earth, would get a layer of 10 cm. Money--the world's blood, has become water.

Money is power and energy. In order to attract money, first you have to get back with your mother, sister, grandmother and wife.

Money cannot come to that one who is not ready to become a millionaire. Therefore you need to understand what you mean by the word wealth. You must learn to receive but also to give. Ask yourself why so many multi-millionaires are doing charity intensively?

If we give 50% from the money we get for a good deed, we will always have money. But if we spend 100% on us, then eventually they will go from you. The money that remained must be divided into 3:
25%-for the rainy days
10%-to help your relatives in need
15%-to spend for us

The main rules for getting wealth are:
1. Keep clean the main places where you live, like the kitchen, the bedroom and the corridor.
2. Don't spend money on first day you receive them. Put them in a safe or in a box and only the second day you can spend an amount not too big.
3. The wallet must be red. Arrange the 500 banknotes separately from banknotes of 100. Also, put them length-ways. Take photos out and what you have in your wallet; just leave the bank cards and money.
4. Count your money with clean hands and only in the morning, because if you count them in the night,  money goes away from you.
5. To get rich demand or borrow money from a rich person and keep them unchanged. The money of rich people or rich countries attract wealth.
6. When you do what you love, the money will come definitely.
7. If money starts to come from somewhere you should not change the sphere of activity or try to open other doors.