Monday, December 24, 2012

Gus Takkale-author and professional speaker from Canada

Few months ago, I met Gus Takkale in Dubai, through one friend of mine and we had a coffee together and a very nice chat. . He came to Dubai to promote his second book ‘’the road: a journey through the 5 C’s of change’’. It was a pleasure for me to meet such an interesting man and also to get a copy of his book with an autograph.

But, let me tell you more about him. Gus Takkale is the author of two books: ‘’The 5 C’s in Change’’ and ‘’ The Road: A Journey through the 5 C’s of Change’’ and a professional speaker. He was born in the UAE, but grew up in Canada.

During our conversation with Gus, I dared to ask him what is his biggest dream, and his response was prompt and short-‘’to change the world!’’. I smiled and I thought inside me-‘’he is crazy or he’s joking!’’ Then he started telling me that he wrote the books ‘’The 5 C’s in Change’’ and ‘’ The Road: A Journey through the 5 C’s of Change’’ with the same purpose-to change the world! He was very serious about it and determinate to do that. 

He is the president of Gus Takkale International (GTI), an organization that builds programs that empower people and position them for successful change. He travels the world to guide people on this journey of transformation and success.
Gus is on a mission to change the world and he is doing that one person at a time.
‘’To change the world, we need to start by changing ourselves.’’  (Gus Takkale)


I read this book expecting that I’ll learn and discover something great, something to help me to change my life. But the most important, I wanted to understand what those 5 C’s are and what was the meaning of  Gus’s autograph for me inside the book-‘’Cristina, live with PHP!’’
So, finally after reading the book, I found out that PHP means: Purpose, Hunger and Passion.
‘Where there is a Purpose, there is direction.’
‘When there is Hunger, there is achievement.’
‘When there is Passion, there is inspiration.’
                                               (Gus Takkale)
The success on the road of your life will depend on your ability to change your character, then to become constructive, and then you need a full commitment, the ability to communicate and at the end is about contributing to yourself and to the world.

Before starting this journey, you need to adopt TRM (Take Responsibility Mindset) and then pack your bag with the necessary tools for the road:
Tool 1: Aim High
Tool 2: Believe
Tool 3: PHP
Tool 4: Elimination of the E-word (excuses)
And now, enjoy the journey and have fun!

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