Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is a Flash Mob?

Today, I want to talk about something very beautiful, very artistic and entertaining, which is the Flash Mob. Not so many people know what a flash mob is, but it’s good to know, in case you’ll see it by chance in one dayJ.

Flash Mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place; participants performing some unusual action for a short period of time (usually few minutes) and after that, the group spreads. The idea was transposed to reality in 2003 in America, and it wasn’t for a political, economic, religious purpose, which shows that flash mob cannot be used for profit. Flash mobs are organized via telecommunications, e-mails, and social media. 

Here is a sample of a Christmas flash mob, organized in the airport with elves, carolers, snowmen, sugar plum fairies and Santa Claus, himself, to make that moment a memorable evening.

The most important rules of the flash mob:

·        Action must be spontaneous and simultaneous. It is forbidden to draw the attention of the participants before the action.
·        Should form the impression that the participants do not know each other and before the action, they should not show that they are preparing to do something unusual.
·        All actions should be performed after a scenario.
·        After the flash mob shouldn’t remain traces.
·        All the actions must be carried out with all seriousness.
·        After finishing, all the participants must immediately leave the place without showing that something special happened.
·        Flash mob must be outside of media.
·        To avoid conflicts with members of law and security, all the participants must have identity documents.
·        The scenario have to be absurd, mysterious, not very visible and in any case not to cause laughter.

The purpose of the flash mob:

The participants of a flash mob not offer or receive money for participation. This occupation is voluntary. The participants can follow the same action for different purposes, like:
·        Fun.
·        To feel independent.
·        To impress others.
·        To test their skills in performing spontaneous actions in public places.
·        Attempt to get new sensations.
·        Feeling of belonging to a common action.
·        New sensations emotional.
·        To find new friends.

Some psychologists explain this by the fact that these people are bored of rational life. That’s why they seek to participate in something special that will bring new sensations in their lives.
I chose some awesome and interesting samples of a flash mob, organized in different countries. Leave some comments if you like them or what you think about them. And by the way, have you ever participated in a flash mob?

Azerbaijan, Baku:

USA, New York: 

 Philippines :

Russia, Moscow:

Black Eyed Peas concert:



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