Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My first novel ''It wasn't my choice''

‘’It wasn’t my choice’’ is my debut novel-contemporary romance, set in Dubai. It took for me a year and half to finish writing this book and it has 232 pages, twelve chapters. I guess everybody has a story to tell and I had one too!

The plot is very captivating and has a lot of adventures. Also, you'll find interesting informations about Italy, Dubai and about the revolution in Syria, started in March 2010. You better read the resume of this story and have an idea about it!

The resume
It’s  a  story  of  love  between  a  European  girl,  came  to  Dubai  for  work  and  an  Arabic  guy,  who  is  originally  from  Syria,  but  living  in Dubai  since  many  years,  doing  business.
It  was  love  at  first  sight  for  her,  but  not  for  him.  Even,  they  started  dating  each  other,  he  never  told  her  about  his  feelings  and  he  was  all  the  time  busy  with  his  business.  The  girl  was  going  crazy  for  him  and  trying  hard  to make  him  love  her.  She  was  following  him  and  doing  crazy  things,  but  he  decided  to  just  disappear  in one  day.
After  half  year,  he  shows  up  and  he  wants  her  back.  But  when  the  things  started  to  get  better  between  them,  he  had  to  leave  for  vacation  to  Syria.  And  while  he  was  there,  the  cruel  revolution  began  in  Syria  in  March  2010,  and  many  people  have  been  killed  by  the  Special  Forces.  So,  because  he  loved  his  country,  he  stayed  to  fight  for  freedom  and  protect  his  family  there.
In  one  day,  a  crazy  lady  tried  to  kill  him  but  he  saved  himself,  but  a  message,  which  he  wrote  on  his  Facebook  page  against  the  President  of  Syria,  really  killed him with cold blood!


  1. I really liked this cover you rarely see book covers so attractive and eye catching

  2. Thank you Leonora, but even you like this cover, i'm planing to change it. Not sure yet, but it's a plan.I will see.Thanks for the comment!:-)

  3. I read this novel...and at the end of book I cried... if it's a true love story I'll recommend to read it......

  4. Wow, really Iuliana,you did? Thanks,your comment really touched me!:-)xoxo