Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let it snow!

   My first meeting with the snow this year, after very long, was fascinating! I was sleeping, when my mom came and woke me up: ’Wake up and see the snow outside! It’s snowing so beautiful!’ she said to me with a big smile on her face. I jumped from my bed, when I heard this and I ran outside in my pajama to see it with my eyes.
   It was a real winter outside, a winter dream where it snows, snowing with huge and fluffy snowflakes. All around were white, the houses, the trees, the cars and the hats of the people walking on the road. The snowflakes were falling from the sky as if dancing pushed by the wind hither and thither.
  Watching this show, I was enjoying like a small baby the first snow. It was as if almost Christmas is coming.
  I was standing like this for few minutes, trying to catch snowflakes in my hands and to get as much of this miracle. My face was tickled by the lightweight flakes and my cheeks became red, but I was feeling great and happy, like suddenly all the concerns of this life disappeared. I loved the snow and I wanted to dance like a snowflake and fly up very high.
  Even I loved the snow; I was forced to go back to the heat, because I didn’t want to get ill. Then I went to the window to continue watching the chaotic endless dance of the white butterflies.
  I was dreaming, lost in a world of my own -how beautiful will be if I could walk through the snow with my secret lover…to keep me by hand and trying to warm my fingers, to pretend that I’m cold , so he will take me in his arms and then kiss me and fall upon us butterflies…


  1. super articol,am mai simtit odata emotiile pe carea le am simtit la primiifulgi din acest an!!!

  2. Merci mult de comentariu! Ma bucur ca ti-a placut articolul!:-)