Friday, December 14, 2012

Who doesn't love coffee?

Taste, smell, flavor, color, cream, caffeine, surrounds you gustatory, olfactory, visual; you feel it in the blood of your heart. I love it in the morning, I find the same passion for it during the day and whenever I feel the need to have a coffee.

Coffee, even it’s blamed most of the time, is a very healthy drink, which can have surprising effects for your health and beauty. Here are the unexpected benefits you can have if you are drinking coffee …in moderation.

1.     The coffee is rich in natural antioxidants, so if the coffee is consumed with control, it can help you to maintain the beauty of your skin and your health.

2.     Do not add milk. Although it may be a true delight, coffee with milk does not have the same benefits for your health, because the milk or cream reduces the power of the oxidants. A simple coffee, without milk and without sugar, helps you to combat the infections in the body and helps the brain to maintain its cognitive abilities at its best longer.

3.     Excellent for hair. If you are brunette, your hair can get a immediate shine, if you rinse your hair (final rinse) with a weak coffee. Plus, the nutrients from the coffee repair the hair and soothe irritated scalp.

4.     Diet. A cup of coffee per day can help you to maintain your suppleness, because the coffee accelerates the metabolism and so it helps you to burn more calories and fat.

Researchers at the University of Bristol, U.K. found that for those women who go through stressful periods of their lives, coffee can help them think faster and to make better decisions. They also showed that for men the effect is somehow negative, because is affecting their memory and some analysis functions of the brain. 

In fact most nutritionists blame coffee for a lot of things, but we’ve been drinking coffee for centuries, but there is no evidence to prove that is bad for you or me!
The best friends of women are not diamonds but coffees!

Having a coffee with a friend or someone I love, is a big pleasure for me and it's a great spending time and socialize or have fun:-)
Sometimes we can get new ideas or maybe a business deal, beside a cup of coffee with a piece of cake or biscuits.
Most of us have busy lives, but the coffee in the morning is treated as important as any other appointment from the daily plan. Some say caffeine helps increase our awareness and do better things.But, I think it's time for me to stop writing this article and just have a cup of coffee!:-)

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